This roll-up banner for use in your showroom offers two striking advantages. What do you think of a 3D banner? The principle is simple. With the Twin-Up you can make use of two tissues, whereby the uppermost tissue is cut in whatever form you desire. In this way you create a lifelike 3D effect. And the Twin-Up has another powerful application. Through the presence of two tissues, you can have your roll-up display printed on both sides, so that your product or campaign is depicted on both the front and the back, making your message twice as visible.

Fast and durable

The Twin-Up can be set up quickly and easily by a single person. With a weight of only 3 kg, you can also move it very easily. The handy carry bag with protective lining ensures that you can safely take the Twin-Up anywhere.
Thanks to digital printing, you can already order the roll-up banner as of small unit quantities. Moreover, you only have to invest in the aluminum box once. You can easily replace the tissues themselves per activity.


  • Compact and delivered in a handy carry bag
  • Double banner with 200% visibility
  • Communication in 3D
  • Easy visual change
  • Durable
Afmetingen Twin Up



  • Roll-up banner: 200 cm H x 80 cm W
  • Roll-up box: 86.5 cm W
  • Twin-Up (complete): 210 cm H x 86.5 cm W