3 SUSTAINABLE innovations of Wollux

RECYTEX by Wollux

RECYTEX : save the planet !

Discover our new RECYTEX textile: this is a PP 100% recyclable banner. This ability to be recyclable has a significant impact on the environment since one ton of recycled plastic equals 830 liters of oil saved.

The RECYTEX, weighing 265 g/m2 and 0,36 mm thickness, can be used for banners , display frame systems , stand design, construction banners and all applications requiring ecological approval.

The advantages of RECYTEX: 

  • PVC free
  • Licht and easy to handle and install
  • Indoor and Outdoor use 
  • Up to 5 meters
  • Compatibility with UV
  • Weldable with hot air
  • Tear resistant
  • Fire retardant 

Flag cloth made from 100% recycled PET bottles

Your flag printed on ecological PET bottle cloth!  RECYFLAG is a new textile made from 100% recycled PET bottles. After all, 2 PET bottles are reused per m². With that RECYFLAG belongs to one of the best ecological materials.

RECYBAN Wollux |100% recycled non woven

100% recycled non woven

Print your banners, pallet wraps and event frames on 100% recycled non-woven made from recycled European PET bottles. 

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