Cylindrical poles

The profile of the cylindrical flagpole is seamless and has a continuous wall thickness.

  • Material of the pole: Aluminum
  • Standard color(s): Grey (anodized) – White (powder coating)
  • Gallow system possible
  • Anti-theft options possible

    4 types of cylindrical poles

    MCY S - Standard

    The standard aluminum cylindrical flagpole is completely seamless and manufactured from a high-quality aluminum alloy. The pole is finished at the top with a finial with an internal rope guide. The halyard runs along the outside of the pole.

    NUMEROUS APPLICATIONS: in large volumes for the flagging of major shopping centers or for temporary use.

    EXCELLENT price/quality ratio

    MCY AV - Anti-theft

    The cylindrical pole is equipped with a lockable anti-theft set-up box and an internal halyard that secures the flag against theft. A counterweight is attached at the bottom of the flag so that it stays nice and tight and close to the pole.

    ANTI-THEFT: access to the hoisting system is protected by a set-up box locked with a key.

    NO ANNOYING CLATTER of the rope against the flagpole thanks to the internal halyard.

    MCY P - Banner arm

    The cylindrical pole is equipped with a counterweight at the bottom and a rotating banner arm system. This is a 360° rotating finial with an arm for the flag.



    EXCELLENT price/quality ratio


    MCY PH - Hoistable banner arm

    The combination of maximum user-friendliness and cylindrical pole for an accessible budget.

    VERY USER-FRIENDLY, thanks to the counterweight system, the banner arm rises effortlessly to the top of the pole.

    CHANGING YOUR FLAG IS CHILD´S PLAY. All you have to do is use a stick to bring the banner arm down, then you change the flag, let go, and the flag is hoisted all by itself.

    How to install your cylindrical pole in the ground?

    Depending on the dimension of the chosen pole and the type of substrate, one can choose from different types of sleeves or a baseplate.

    A ground sleeve, slip-over sleeve, tilt base or a fixed baseplate.

    We would be happy to give you more detailed explanations about the various possibilities.