Table flags

Decorate your seminar or meeting room with table flags. Small table flags are an ideal supplement to your larger communication materials. Whether you place them on a counter, a desk or on a (bar) table, everyone will be impressed by these spirited eye-catchers. Moreover, the small flags are ultralight, easy to transport and you can use them at countless events and actions. You can have the table flags printed as desired and personalize them with your logo or advertising. The national table flags are also a popular product.

    Drapeaux de table meetingroom

    Small but plucky

    Sometimes the space for highlighting your campaign is limited. Then space-saving table flags can offer the solution. The Wollux table flags are small, but plucky. These mini-flags or miniature flags ensure that your logo or slogan is noticed immediately. And there´s more. Thanks to the double-sided printing, you can put a different message on the front and the back.