Outdoor PVC banners

The outdoor PVC banners are available in several high-quality types of PVC soorten: Frontlit, Backlit, Blockout, Artex, HDPE or Mesh and self-adhesive PVC.

The right finishing for fast installation

For the attachment we make use of several finishing and hanging systems. The standard model consists of reinforced hems and eyelets, but you can also get the banners with wooden sticks and hanging ropes, Velcro strip, keder straps that slip into a frame, gallow systems with wooden sticks and bungee cords, etc. So it´s up to you.

Various finish options

All dimensions

Our outside PVC banners are available in all dimensions. Do you really want to hang wide? Then you can choose our maximum format of 5 meters wide and 25 meters long (in a single piece).

Depending on your location, moreover, you can also opt for a double-sided banner. That way your message attracts attention twice! Depending on your choice, you can assemble the banner yourself if you wish. Prefer not to install the PVC banners yourself? Then you can use the delivery and installation service of Wollux.


  • a real eye-catcher
  • available in formats up to 25 meters long
  • for outdoor and indoor use
  • own installation service
  • several finishing and hanging systems
  • extra room for your advertising message
  • durable materials