Facade banners and bracket systems

An outdoor banner is a solid alternative to flags and pennants. This durable communication solution provides extra visibility for your company premises, shop, event or facade. We offer two models: the pole-mounted banner and the wall-mounted banner.

    3 solutions:

    BF - Wall mounted banner

    The system consists of two double parallel brackets that can be attached perpendicular to every wall.

    NEATLY FINISHED completely made of stainless steel (RSV) and all tube ends are welded.

    BMAL - Banner on alu pole

    Two double brackets are fixed on a pole - they allow the mounting of a very wind-resistant banner.

    ELEGANCE  a sober and elegant display thanks to its timeless look. 

    BMAC - Banner on steel pole

    Two double brackets are welded to a thick profile pole 10 x 10 cm.