Outdoor banners

Whether you are sponsoring a cycling event, a sporting event or a festival, you will always have a prominent position with an outdoor banner. Furthermore, this communication solution is highly suited to all manner of creative applications to bring your product or message to the attention of a large audience. A printed banner certainly gets noticed.

You have the choice between non-woven banner, textile banners, PVC banner and big format banner. 

For what use?

The outdoor banner can be used in a large veriety of circumstances: 

  • To convey: banners of supporters, demonstrations
  • To display between 2 fixed points: banners for advertising campagins, promotions, product launches 
  • To hide the view of a site: banners for worksites, fan zones, VIP villages
  • To decorate safety banners: for cultural or sporting events, for construction sites
  • To decorate facades: point of sales, shops

Choose the finishing


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