Flags: moveable communication tools

Flags are unique mobile communication tools that give your corporate identity, building, store or event just that extra cachet.  Buy flags of or have flags printed? Wollux is the Benelux leader in personalized flags such as advertising flagsnational flagsinternational flags, facade flags and garlands.

Advertising flags

Advertising flags are a popular means of communication. The publicity flags or company flags reinforce your corporate and brand identity and immediately put the spotlight on your company building, site, showroom, store, facade, trade fair or event. You can have an advertising flag printed with your company name or logo.

Facade flags

Want to draw attention to the facade of your store or company building, but have no room for a traditional flag? Then facade flags  might just be the answer to your communication need.

Vertical banners

Does your campaign have to succeed “with all flags flying”? Then think carefully about what type of flag best highlights your action. If you opt for buntings you will definitely stand out. This long flag with a swallow tail is gaining more and more ground in Belgium as well.

Print flags?

Personalized flag for your company or association? Ask for your offer.

Does your flag need some love ? 

Rain, snow and wind influence the lifetime of your flag. You need new flags? Contact us !