Mistral Teardrop

The Mistral Teardrop beachflag is extra striking because of the teardrop form. The Teardrop beachflag is an original eye-catcher during a promotional action, your sponsoring activity, event or branding campaign. The Mistral Teardrop beachflag is the ideal flag for all your shorter-term actions.

The Mistral Teardrop beachflag is available in 4 dimensions:

Beachflag Teardrop S: 
Totale hoogte: 223 cm 
Afmeting doek: 180 x 82 cm

Beachflag Teardrop M: 
Totale hoogte: 227 cm 
Afmeting doek: 223 x 98 cm

Beachflag Teardrop L : 
Totale hoogte: 360 cm 
Afmeting doek: 316 x 111 cm

Beachflag Teardrop XL : 
Totale hoogte: 417 cm 
Afmeting doek: 408 x 115 cm

Mistral beachvlag expoxy mast flexiber dan alu mast

Epoxy fiberglass mast

The drop-shaped Mistral Beach flag is equipped with an epoxy fiberglass pole. This beach mast is much lighter, more flexible and stronger than our aluminum mast.