Mistral Beachflags

Wollux presents the new line of beachflags: the MISTRAL beachflags with a pole made of epoxy fiberglass instead of aluminum. The new beach pole is much lighter, more flexible and stronger than our aluminum pole. So the flag is perfectly supported and has a longer service life.

Wollux delivers the Mistral beachflag with 360° rotator that automatically turns the pole in the wind direction, as a result of which the flag will wear less quickly. The rotator fits on every base.

Advantages of the epoxy fiberglass pole

Our pole made of epoxy fiberglass is solid. As a result, the pole of the Mistral beachflags is durable in its entirety and does not oxidize. Moreover, this pole assures an excellent presentation of the flag.  

360° rotator

The rotator for the Mistral beachflag turns 360 degrees so that the flag always turns in the wind direction and the flag thus wears less quickly!  

360° rotator

What a difference in flexibility between the epoxy and the aluminium pole 

The beachflag for outdoors. The Mistral Wings draws attention to (beach) events as a surf flag and at sponsoring or branding activities. Whether you put it on a sports field or company grounds, on the beach or in a city center, at a filling station or in front of your shop, with this outdoor flag your message immediately captures the eye!

Mistral Beachflags Indoor, the Decoflags, are intended for indoor use, ideal for inside your showroom. It is delivered with a flat base in an all-in-one carry bag containing the flag, the pole and the base with the rotator. The Mistral Decoflag can be used outside with our other bases.

The Mistral Straight beachflag is extra striking because of its rectangular surface. The form of the rectangular beachflag immediately strikes the eye. Thanks to the rectangular form you can distribute your message evenly over the flag. This rectangular beachflag is finished with a reinforced gallow system.

Your beachflag needs a suitable base for standing up nice and straight. You define the right base for your beachflag on the basis of the indoor or outdoor use, the movability and the wind where you will be positioning your beachflag.

Look at our product sheet with its clear overview table for the proper use of these bases and further explanation about the specific characteristics of each base.