Printed carpets

The personalised carpet becomes part of your communication. It can be used as a point-of-sale product to support your corporate image your product or campaign in outlets, showrooms and service stations or during product launches. 

Our qualities

  • PATIO with or without border: the STANDARD carpet made of polyamide with a vinyl backside
  • VELVET: the ECONOMICAL carpet made of polyamide with a latex backside
  • GLOBOS with or without border: the CHIC carpet made of polyamide, thick appearance with vinyl backside
  • COUNTRY: the ROBUST carpet made of polyamide, long rough appearance with vinyl backside  

Our carpets

Country carpet Wollux
Globos carpet Wollux
Globos carpet Wollux
Patio tapijt Wollux
Patio carpet Wollux
Velvet tapijt Wollux