Printed sidewalls

Wolluw offers full wall. 
This is a single-sides wall. Option: double-sided wall (2 single-sided walls assembled)

    Our standard: full wall

    Single-sided printed wall (white backside)
    Finishing: Velcro on top of the wall, on both sides
    Zip and Velcro straps on the sides

    Option: double-sided wall (2 single-sided wall assembled)


    Dimensions: 210x300cm

    Half wall

    Half wall with sleeve on top. Delivered with an aluminium bar retracable and 2 connectors for a clear effect.

    Dimensions: 73,5x300cm

    Wall with window

    Other dimensions possible on simple request, without extra costs.

    Window dimensions: 120x120 cm

    Wall and door

    Finishing: completely finished door with zip to close and 2 small ropes on top to keep it open (such as camping tents)

    Door dimensions: 190x150cm