Hanging indoor banners

Whichever type you choose, this smart eye-catching hanging-banner will breathe new life into your window display or shop area. This vertical eye-catching banner will breathe new life into your window display or shop area.  Whichever type you choose between simple or back-to-back screens and the wide range of fabrics, they have endless uses.

Several finishing and hanging systems

The indoor banner is a multi-functional communication solution for indoor use. Whether you use this vertical flag in your office, at your trade stand or indoor event or in your window display, retail, showroom or shop, your message will always attract a lot of attention.

Choose from large or small formats, dual or single screens, whether or not to have a hanging system, choose from screen printing or digital printing, standard finishes or custom finishes.

Easy to use

Textile indoor banners are easy to use: rolled on to their hanging systems (stick, klemmfix, ...), they deploy quickly and can be hung easily without folds. 

Why indoor textile banners?

  • versatile communication solutions;
  • a wide choice of sizes and fabrics;
  • single or back-to-back printing;
  • can be used in various locations (window displays, reception areas, trade fairs, etc.);
  • various printing options

Choose your finishing and your hanging system