Reflex Frame

The Reflex frame contains aluminum profiles with a gutter where the user can insert the silicone strap of the banner to stretch the canvas. lts tension, its fabric and print quality give a perfect rendering of your image. lt is used primarily at points of sale: shop windows, shelving or wall decoration; and at events. 

    4 types of Non-LED Reflex Frames


    • The Budget 15 and Basic 19 frames for wall-mounting only
    • The BIG ECO 25 and BIG 27 frames more stable and robust, for larger formats: wall-mounting and also hanging frame.

    Maximum length (of screen) on the shortest side: 308 cm
    Maximum length of one profile in one piece: 6 m


    • The DOUBLE 44 is the standard double sided: hanging frame or a frame on bases.
    • The DOUBLE 80 is adapted for very big formats: hanging frame or a frame on bases