Indoor banner with iron stick

Vertical indoor haning textile banner with metal rods in hems at top and bottom (suspension string with fastening clips on top rod)

Iron stick

Interior banner with iron stick in hem on top and bottom, Nylon rope with clips at the top. 

Print material determines the image

Your indoor banner really attracts attention to your window display, showroom, trade fair or event. For this reason, quality is crucial. Wollux gives a lot of attention to the way its materials are finished. We only choose the best fabrics with a long life-span for both screen printing and digital print. At Wollux you can choose for the polyvalent ant the most economical Polyflag, Polymat for accurate printing, Decodisplay the most qualitative in digital or Deco Blackback with black opaque backside for a pure printed image. We also offer fire blocking treatment (M1).

New: RECYFLAG: 100 % from recycled PET bottles.