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The Decoflag is a small advertising flag or event flag with a high impact. Its rotating pole means it can be seen from all angles. This 360° flag is an ideal way of drawing the most attention to your shop space, trade fair, event, sporting event, road show or sponsoring activity. This event flag is particularly convenient for indoor use, but with a few modifications, you can also set it up outdoors. You could call it a chameleon flag.

A top-quality event flag

The Decoflag is a robust, decorative event flag that is manufactured from only the best materials. The pole segments are made from glass fibre and the flag itself is made from 100% polyester. This type of event flag is finished as standard with an open tunnel hem.

Optimum visibility

The rotating Decoflag is unique in the world of event flags. Thanks to its 360° rotating pole, you can be sure that your visitors will see your entire advertising message. This type of event flag is compact and can be used for any event, even when space is limited. This means that it is also very suited to indoor promotional activities. You can also have your logo or design printed on this flag.

Installation in 3 minutes

It’s easy to assemble the Decoflag yourself. Even without any help, you can do this job in 2 to 3 minutes.

An event flag that is easy to transport

Just like the other flags in our range, the Decoflag is exceptionally lightweight. This means that it is easy to transport. We supply the flag, the pole and the base in a robust and convenient carrying kit with space for 2 Decoflag sets.

One flag for indoor and outdoor use

The Decoflag is a flag for use indoors, but it can be used outdoors too. If you would like to use this flag outdoors, we recommend that you use a special base that has 3 additional heavy metal plates and that you use a Lesto water bag.


Wollux thinks about your budget. Are you organising a new promotion? Then use your existing flagpole and just replace the flag.


Flag: 180 cm high x 45 cm wide (Total height including pole: 205 cm).

Why the Decoflag adds a punch to the message you want to communicate:

  • maximum visibility with a pole that rotates a full 360°;
  • optimum event flag for small areas;
  • easy to set up and simple to change the flag;
  • extremely lightweight and compact;
  • supplied in a convenient carrying case with space for 2 sets;
  • made from durable materials.

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