Roll-Up XL

The Roll-up XL is a handy roll-up advertising display of large to mega large format. With a width of 2 meters and a height up to 3 meters, this impressive banner is one of the most visible ways to put your action or product in the spotlight and thus increase your brand recognition. You can even use this extra large roll-up as background for your stand or lounge or when giving a TV interview.

With a width of 2 meters, the Roll-up XL is available in 4 heights: 200, 225, 250 and 300 cm.

Installation in 2 to 3 minutes

The Roll-up XL can be assembled quickly and easily by a single person. With a weight of 12 kg, you can also move this display without difficulty. Wollux packages this Roll-up XL in a handy and strong carry bag with protective lining, so that you can transport it easily.

  • Montage aisé
  • Élément visuel très accrocheur
  • Toile interchangeable
  • Livré dans un étui de transport pratique
  • Disponible en quatre hauteurs différentes (jusqu’à 3 mètres)
  • Durable

Advantages of Roll-up XL

  • Easy installation
  • A real eye-catcher
  • Changeable tissue
  • Delivered in handy carry bag
  • Available in four different heights (up to 3 meters high)
  • Durable materials