Pole banners

A pole banner has a tighter appearance than a waving flag. Ideal if you want to give to your company or shop extra visibility in a classy way.

The benefits of a pole-mounted banner

Are you looking for a more robust alternative to vertical flags on a traditional pole? Then the pole-mounted banner is the right choice for you. Even when you are short of space, this product is an excellent option. The pole-mounted banner really catches attention. Place this striking banner in front of your shop or company building and it is sure to be seen. The outdoor banner is mounted on a firm pole that can be secured in the ground.

High visibility with pole-mounted banners and wall-mounted banners

Your message always has optimum visibility with these communication solutions. You can put this down to the screen that stays taut and the vertical position of your communication message. You can have your logo and images printed on the banners.