With the Wollux pallet wraps, you slip your pallets into an elegant outfit. The principle is simple: dress to impress! With this promotion and decoration material your pallet suddenly looks entirely different. Moreover, you draw extra attention to your product. Such pallet advertising is striking in any case, whether during a trade fair event or at a festival. Be creative and put your logo, slogan or action on the lower edge of your pallets. In this way your product will be noticed by many passers-by. Moreover, you can have the pallet wraps custom-printed.

Different dimensions

The pallet wraps are delivered on a roll or cut up on request. Our assortment consists of the standard heights of 15, 40, 60 and 80 cm.


For the pallet wraps we use polyester fleece (non-woven). For a long time now, Wollux has been a specialist for ´non-woven´ applications. Pallet wraps in non-woven is the most cost-efficient solution for your large-scale communication.

Various sizes

Pallet wrap is always supplied on a roll but you can order also tailormade. Our range comprises the standard pallet heights of 15, 40, 60 and 80 cm.

pallet wraps non-woven

Pallet wraps on a roll or tailormade