Mistral Wings

The Wings’ sheer size and taut screen are what make it an effective and attractive advertising flag. The largest dimension, 440 by 85 cm, provides plenty of space to adequately present your promotion. We do produce the Wings in various sizes; thus, you can choose the perfect size for your purpose. Moreover, you can opt to have your logo or design printed on the flag for a fully personalised experience.

Available in 6 dimensions:

Beachflag Wings S 190: 
Total height: 257 cm 
Flag dimension: 190 x 59 cm

Beachflag Wings M 230: 
Total height: 307 cm 
Flag dimension: 230 x 81 cm

Beachflag Wings M 280:
Total height: 307cm 
Flag dimension: 280 x 81 cm

Beachflag Wings L 330:
Total height: 406 cm
Flag dimension: 330 x 81 cm

Beachflag Wings L 380:
Total height: 406 cm 
Flag dimension: 380 x 81 cm

Beachflag Wings L 430:
Total height: 505 cm 
Flag dimension: 430 x 81 cm

Compare the flexibility of the pole in fiberglass

Epoxy fiberglass pole

The Mistral Beachflag Wings has a poble in epoxy fiberglass. This pole is lighter, more flexible and more resistant than a pol in aluminium.