Jumbo Parasols

Want to span over a large terrace? Want to be seen from a distance? Our Jumbo parasols are real eye-catchers. With their mega large format up to 4 meters they lend your activity a stylish ´grandeur´. You can install it as a large horeca parasol on the terrace of your restaurant, café, brasserie or hotel. You can have these large parasols printed or personalized with your logo or advertising.

    16 m² visibility and sociability

    When you are selling your product or service it’s all about seeing and being seen. Whatever your sector, Jumbo parasols will always make you stand out from the crowd. These parasols have an area of 16 m2 and always steal the show. Our Jumbo range consists of square parasols which have an aluminium frame finished in white and a double handle. All models are also available with 100% customised volants. Our fabrics are only made from 100% polyester. 

    Large, top-quality parasols

    Only jumbo quality will do for these jumbo parasols. Wollux has extensive experience with the production of parasols. We do not just pay attention to the right choice of fabrics and bases; we also pay attention to the quality of the frames. We only use high-quality materials for all of the components which have been tested and approved by us. We offer you a robust parasol base: Toledo 150 : base in galvanized steel and 8 concrete tiles.

    Accompanying baseplate

    Why Jumbo parasols add a punch to the message you want to communicate:




    • possible with or without a printed logo;
    • large parasols, really catch people’s attention;
    • quality materials
    • robust bases.