The X-Banner is a free-standing display with a very clean design that does full justice to your chosen visual. The X-Banner can be used for permanent or temporary applications in public spaces.

Your printed X-Banner

  • Economic alternative for a roll-up
  • 2 formats: 180 x 80 cm or 160 x 60 cm
  • Very light, so easy to move
  • Permanent or temporary
  • Tissue very easy to renew
  • Fire-retardant material M1

4 types of material

The X-banner can be ordered in: 

  • Non-woven
  • Decodisplay
  • Decoblackback 
  • PVC

Fast assembly in 2 minutes

Easy, light display that can easily be folded in an X form. Easy changing of tissue.

2 dimensions

160 cm x 60 cm (h x l)
180 cm x 80 cm (h x l)