Your company needs to be able to rely on a qualified partner for promotional materials. You often have little time and limited resources to follow up orders and sometimes need your order “yesterday”. That is why it’s important to be able to place your trust in a stable supplier. Wollux takes care of the entire production process in-house. This allows us to offer you the best guarantees in terms of quality, delivery times, flexibility and know-how.

Fast and flexible solutions

Our extensive range consists of various standard products. Do you quickly need a flag, banner or other communication solution? Contact us and we are sure to have something that suits your needs.

Controlled quality

Wollux does everything to guarantee the quality of its products. We use our own machinery, we only work with high-quality materials (including fabrics, inks, finishing materials) and we apply the strictest guidelines to our production process. Wollux also has a team of qualified technicians. They keep a watchful eye on the careful inspections during the printing process and make any necessary adjustments. Furthermore we check our products before they are dispatched.

Extensive know-how

Our many years of experience have allowed us to develop considerable expertise in the various fabrics and printing techniques. This knowledge is used every day by our product managers in their search for products and applications and by our account managers.


Fast delivery times

Wollux uses an accurate planning tool that enables various orders to be easily managed. Using this system we are able to follow the status of your order in real time throughout the entire production process. Thanks to this tool, the products we supply are always guaranteed to have high levels of reliability.

Our engagements

Wollux adheres to the ETI charter as mentioned on the website:

Anti-corruption policy
Code of conduct
Environmental policy
Implementation measures regarding structures social dialogue