Ecosmart flagpole with hoistable banner arm

This flagpole is currently our best-selling pole, because the flag can be changed very easily by a single person. Replace your old flagpole with this new type? No problem - and it might even be possible to make use of the current anchoring.

    MES Ecosmart: ecologically sustainable

    The MES Ecosmart poles are ecologically sustainable. This pole is manufactured entirely out of recycled aluminum. This cylindrical pole has an integrated rail form. The hoistable flag arm is guided in this rail form, so that this hoistable system offers maximum security.

    These Ecosmart poles are available in 2 versions with an outer diameter of 75 or 100 mm: the MES 75 and the MES 100 have the same cylindrical aluminum profile and an integrated rail form. The MES 75 is suitable for poles of 6 and 7m, the MES 100 up to no less than 8m.  

    Integrated rail form

    Mast-hijsbare-galg-banieruithouder-Wollux-MES Ecosmart

    Change your flag quickly

    The hoistable banner arm on the cylindrical pole allows you to change your flag quickly and easily. You no longer have to tilt the flagpole to change the flag. It can be done by a single person!  


    Hoistable banner arm


    Anti-theft system

    A special crank is necessary to operate the system. The hoist system is contained in the pole. The only thing which is visible is the small hole inside the integrated rail form, and that is what the provided crank fits into. Inside the pole is a rope unwinder, so that the halyard cannot roll up. Thus no ropes on the outside, no noise - and unauthorized persons cannot steal your flag.

    Operation only via the crank

    Flagpole with light

    Your flag also visible at night?

    It´s possible, thanks to BUILT-IN, ENERGY-EFFICIENT LED LIGHTING, beautiful and aesthetically integrated into your pole. In this way we offer a bit more light in these dark Corona times.  

    Why the hoistable banner arm?

    • Aesthetic: tight form with flat finial and no parts on the pole that attract attention
    • Permanent legibility: thanks to the rotating banner arm system, even when there is little wind
    • Ecological & sustainable: pole of recycled aluminum
    • Easy to change flags: keep your feet on the ground and simply turn the crank
    • No noise: no ropes on the outside and counterweight with rubber bumper
    • Strong: thanks to the specially-designed pole profile