Evowall Displays

Our Evowall range is composed of three stylish interior displays that give your store, showroom or event very high visibility. In combination with our Promodesk or one of our other indoor communication tools, you can create a nice stand or lounge area all on your own.

There is the Evowall Flat, the innovative Evowall Curve and the dynamic Evoarch. The three displays are based on the same principle: they are composed of  a frame of aluminum tubes and a printed cover of Stretchtex, which can be closed off at the bottom with a zipper. They can be printed on both sides for a 3D effect, or you can opt for a single-sided printing as an advantageous solution. The Evowalls combine perfectly with the Evowall Promodesk! A handy counter composed of two black panels with beautiful wood look finish, 4 aluminum tubes and a personalized tissue all around.

Fast mounting and durable

Because the tubes are numbered and linked together with bungee cords, assembly takes no time at all. No extra tools required! And the products are very light and easy to transport. We also provide you with an accompanying black carry bag, which is very sturdy thanks to the protective lining.
Launching a new campaign? Then you can reuse the existing frame and simply replace the cover. The textile is printed on our latest digital machines, which work exclusively with environmentally-friendly inks and leave no lingering chemical odor.


Why the Evowall?

  • Noticeable and original
  • re-usable
  • exchangeable cover
  • crisp images
  • one or two-sided
  • swift assembly
  • light structure for easy transport

Evowall is composed of aluminum tubes and a printed Stretchtex cover