Conical poles

The form is cylindrical at the base and narrows as of a height of +/- 1.8 m, the pole thus becoming conical up to the top. The conical form is achieved by cold rolling the cylindrical tubes. The surface to be treated displays no diagonal or longitudinal joints.

  • Material of the pole: Aluminum
  • Standard color(s): Grey (anodized) – White (powder coating)
  • Gallow system possible with counterweight at the bottom
  • Conical poles with anti-theft door possible

    3 types of conical poles

    MCO S - Standard

    The standard conical pole is manufactured in a single piece with a high-quality aluminum alloy.  

    Equipped with a finial, an external halyard and a cleat. 

    MCO AV - Anti-theft

    The anti-theft pole is equipped with an anti-theft hatch from which you use the cleat and halyard. A closed pulley system is mounted in the finial. The flag is kept tight by a counterweight at the bottom.  



    The halyard is inside the pole, so no annoying clatter of the rope against the pole. 

    Conische mast Wollux MCO AV

    MCO P - Banner arm

    The conical pole is equipped with a counterweight and a rotating banner arm system. This is a 360° rotating finial.

    SOUNDLESS thanks to the absence of a halyard and the use of a counterweight with rubber bumper.


    How to install your conical pole in the ground?

    Depending on the dimension of the chosen pole and the type of substrate, one can choose from different types of sleeves or a baseplate.

    A ground sleeve, slip-over sleeve, tilt base or a fixed baseplate.

    We would be happy to give you more detailed explanations about the various possibilities.