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Our range of folding tents ensures that you not only present your products optimally and make your guests feel really welcome – it also guarantees that you stand out!

Folding tents are quick to put up, of high quality and communicative!


- All tents are fully adaptable according to your needs: with or without wall(s) or door, awning, eventflag holder or 3-D animation on the top.

- The polyester fabric allows to print your own design in very high quality

- All tents are adjustable in height

- Multiple tents can be connected, including a rain gutter

- You can add a plastic weight (to fill with sand or water), or a havier steel weight (10 to 30 kgs)

tents foldable

Multiple advantages

- Easy and fast to put up thanks to the extremely handy mounting system
- Compact folding system
- Thanks to the steel frame and feet, the structure is 30% stronger than other standard foldable tents of the same weight


Sizes available 1 structure + roof + 3 walls = packed in cardboard box
1,5 x 1,5m 167x28x28cm (22Kg)
2 x 2m 167x28x28cm (25Kg)
2 x 3m 165x28x35cm (31Kg)
3 x 3m 165x28x28cm (36Kg)
 3 x 4,5m 165x28x35cm (56Kg)
3 x 6m 165x28x48 (59Kg)
4 x 4m 200x40x50cm (61Kg)
4 x 6m 220x60x60cm (85Kg)
4 x 8m 200x80x60cm (95Kg)
5 x 5m 200x60x60cm (85Kg)


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