Vlaggen & wimpels

Flags and pennants are moveable communication solutions that give just that little extra prestige to your company identity, building, shop or event.

Advertising flags

Advertising flags are a popular communication solution. You can find them all around town. There is a reason for this. Advertising flags enhance the identity of your company and brand. In no time at all they put your company premises, site, showroom, shop, window display, trade fair or event in the spotlight.

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national flags

On official occasions, your province flag may not be missing next to your classic tricolor. Wollux not only has a broad supply of province and regional flags, but can also help you with the flag of your community or city.

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international flags

Do you also want to emphasize the international character of your service? Or would you like to embellish your building with the flag of the European Union? Also for all international flags you are at the right place at Wollux.

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Do you want to attract attention to the facade of your shop or company premises but you have a lack on space for a traditional flag? Then a facade flag could be the solution for your communication needs.

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Does your campaign need “flags and pennants” to really make an impact? Then think carefully about the type of flag that best highlights your campaign. If you choose a vertical banner, you will certainly stand out.

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