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The Twin-Up is a convenient and compact advertising banner for trade fairs and events which can also be used in your shop, office, shop counter, display window, entrance area, showroom or waiting room.

Twin-up banner = 3D communication

This roll-up banner is made for indoor use and has two very interesting qualities. What do you think about 3D banners? The principle is simple. With the Twin-up you can make use of two screens, where the top screen is cut to your preferred shape. In this way you create a realistic 3D effect. The Twin-up also has another powerful use. Since it has two screens, you can print back-to-back on your roll-up display, which allows your product or campaign to be seen on both sides. This means that your message is doubly visible.

Installation in 1 minute

The Twin-Up can be quickly and simply assembled by one person. Since it weighs a mere 3 kg, this roll-up display can also be easily moved. The handy carrying case with protective lining ensures that the Twin-up is secure wherever you take it.

Hard wearing

Thanks to digital printing, you can order the roll-up banner in small quantities. Furthermore, you only need to invest once in the aluminium frame. The screens can be easily changed for each different activity.


Roll-up banner: 200 cm H x 80 cm W

Roll-up aluminium box: 86.5 cm W

Twin-Up (total dimensions): 210 cm H x 86.5 cm W

Why the Twin-up roll-up display adds a punch to the message you want to communicate:

  • compact, lightweight and supplied in a convenient carrying case;
  • twin banner which means 200% visibility;
  • 3D communication;
  • simple to change the image;
  • made from durable materials;
  • can be supplied in small quantities.

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