When you are sat behind the wheel and deep in thought, you do not always notice what is going on around you. Do you want to make sure that every passing driver notices your petrol station? Then it is time to beef up your outdoor communication. Event flags, banners, flags and flag poles bring new life to your outdoor site.


When you want to put your petrol station in the spotlight, flags which flap in the wind are always a top product. Your name and logo will be noticed immediately on a printed horizontal or vertical flag. However, you can also use flags to give your campaign the maximum amount of promotion.

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event flag

Do you want to highlight your campaign or message? Then an event flag has an added advantage. Event flags give you extra space to communicate your message and can be placed in your shop or in the forecourt of your petrol station. This eye-catching flag will be noticed from nearby and far (on the road or motorway).

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Are you launching a promotion, offering substantial discounts or planning another campaign? Announce your commercial message with an eye-catching PVC or textile banner. Wollux offers a wide choice of weather-resistant banners which will professionally highlight these short and long-term campaigns at your petrol station.

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