Neon exploded on to last summer’s catwalks and hasn’t been out of the fashion magazines since – but why do these bright colours grab our attention and get burned on to our retinas? Why does a fluorescent flag or banner make your business so much more visible? Wollux introduces you to the glitzy world of fluorescent colours and explains how this on-trend colour palette can powerhouse your communications.

Why does fluorescence attract attention?

We have used fluorescence to draw our eye to something important for many years – think of marker pens. But how does fluorescence work? Fluorescent colours absorb light like all colours but have a special property which means that they convert light into longer wavelengths, which is then emitted. What is most striking is that they can absorb radiation that is in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum, which we can't normally see, and then emit light in the visible part of the spectrum.

Why is fluorescence a win-win phenomenon?

fluo_vlags_blacklight_effectNight and day, indoors and out, fluorescent colours give us so much more than normal colours. By day, fluorescence reflects ambient light and looks stunning in any setting and by night can be lit by UV light to create a hip and cool backdrop.

How can you use fluorescent colours to best effect in your communications strategy?

If you want your company to stand out, fluorescent promotional material is a logical choice. All eyes will be on your product for very little effort on your part.

Wollux follows the latest trends closely and that's reflected in our products. Practically every advertising medium we offer is available in flashy neon colours. If you already have communication tools installed, consider breathing new life into them with the addition of fluorescence.

Wollux products available in fluorescence

• non-woven banners
• textile banners
• beach flags and event flags
• promotional flags
• indoor banners
• parasols
• specials: poufs with cover, detection gate covers, etc.

Fluorescent colours from Wollux

• yellow
• green
• orange
• pink or red (depending on the chosen fabric)

How we do it

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to opt for a design that is completely fluorescent or one that just has a flash of neon. If the latter, this can be very effective: imagine a black banner for Halloween with a fluorescent orange pumpkin or an indoor Christmas banner with a tree decorated with neon lights. Product launches also benefit from a splash of fluorescence: make an impact and opt for a beach flag with your product appearing on a super bright background and poufs with your logo in stand-out colours.

Ready to go?

Would you like to indulge your senses in fluorescence? Here are some tips:

• Tip 1: 100% Fluoro. Go for it: only use fluorescent colours. We have to admit that it can take some getting used to, but one thing we are sure of: your message will reach its target.
• Tip 2: “Fluoro in the city”. Contrast a trendy fluorescent colour with black for an urban, chic look.
• Tip 3: “Pure elegance” Fluorescence can be elegant too - pick soft colours for a sophisticated look.
• Tip 4: “The finishing touch” Reserve fluorescence for a little flourish: use your normal logo and colours but add some bright neon to amp up your message.

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