On Thursday September 12th, the first edition of our Wollux Expert Day took place, with ‘Learning and Inspiration’ as main theme.

teaser entrance expert village

That day our company was transformed into a real Expert Village where attendees could not only admire all our products, but also had a specific explanation of our experts on all marketing possibilities and uses.  Click here to see some pictures.

The tour of our production has resulted in many astonished looks. Exactly what happens before your flags are delivered? Yes, there is a lot involved! Because of the 8 steps in the screen printing process, this printing technique is very labor intensive. But fast is an option as well! Also our digital printing company, that guarantees Belgian quality and fast delivery, has put its doors wide open to our customers.

In preparation of the new parasol season, the Wollux team provided technical explanations in function of different applications during the workshop parasols. Finally, also the latest trends in the world of visual communication and the sign-market of the year 2013 were fully explained. All of this, combined with a drink and delicious fingerfood, contributed to a successful first edition! 



 1 expert village entrance
 2 speech welcome
 3 non woven carpet beachflags
 4 parasols event flags
 5a parasols red carpet
 5 workshop parasols
 6 exterior beachflags event flags
 7 fence nonwoven banner
 10a beachflag banner roll up
 10 interior products banner roll up eventflag
 11 preparation frames for screenprinting
 13 color kitchen
 14 warehouse fabrics
15 screenprinting line
16 fixation line
 17 confection
 18 preparation digital printing
 19 digital printing
20 extra large banner cylinder
21 gift printed cushion






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