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When you look back after visiting an event, just ask yourself which companies made the biggest impression on you. It will always be those companies that stand out with their original and creative presentation manner. This is exactly the kind of added value our inflatables can offer you.

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We offer a wide range of standard products.


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Unique presentation with inflatables

Inflatables are inflatable promotional products made of polyester or PVC. As inflatables are filled with air, they are easy to transport and the extra strong materials mean they are very durable and can also be used several times. Moreover, an inflatable creates that special image you are looking for, provides the ultimate atmosphere and adds that final touch to your presentation.

overzicht inflatables
Collection of inflatable articles.


Standard products

Of course, we offer a standard range that is perfect for use for most events. The most successful of these are:

  Totems (with or without light)
  Tents with inflatable structure
  Round and rectangular arches, also with rounded corners
opblaasbare boog rechte hoekopblaasbare boog reclameblok
Arch with square corner and arch with extra advertising block
inflatable totems
A selection of our totems with and without light
Sky dancer inflatable
Various skydancers


Your own design

Of course you may have an original crazy idea yourself and you can’t see what you want in our standard products. Does this mean end of story? Not at all - our specialists will be only too happy to help you! They can advise you on every detail and will help you make the right choices. Let yourself be amazed at the variety of shapes and formats possible!

We really mean it when we say: Your creativity is our limit!


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